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Welcome to the (unofficial) website for the village of Molash, Kent, England.

This web site is intended for the use of local people. It covers similar material to that found in the parish magazine "The Forester", which also includes the next parish of Challock, so there will be some overlap of information about this village also. However, unlike The Forester, obviously more information can be added and the site can be a permanent source of information for and about the village.

The population of Molash is about 230; it is situated between Canterbury (8m), Ashford (8m) and Faversham (8m). Molash is a scattered rural community surrounded by farmland and forest (King's Wood). There is a pub, garage and church.

Molash Church was built in the 13th century and was probably built on the site of an earlier church. The yews in the churchyard are 2,000 years old. Apart from being a working church there are also concerts and arts festivals organised. It is one of the stops in the Five Church Walk.

A face from Molash Church, stained glass, C14 or earlier, N. Wall of Nave, Centre Window, top red central pane.
Click on the face for a larger view.

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Challock and Molash Community First Responder Scheme

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Neolithic Flint axes - found in Molash

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